Amazon bietet jetzt einen Ziegen-Rasen-Mähservice an

Amazon has expanded from a small book store to now offering everything, including food delivery, streaming movies on demand and now – ein Ziegenmähmaschinendienst. We didnXCHARXt blink an eye when we heard amazon was offering next-day shipping or when it announced plans to deliver packages in drones in less than 30 minutes. You know what, we expect that from you, Amazon. But when I was browsing the services section, I got a little tear of joy in my eye. I can hire goats to mow my lawn.Amazon-Ziegen-ServiceAnd why do we need goats to mow our lawns, when we can hire your neighbor’s son to do it or buy an umweltfreundlicher Rasenmäher? Well besides the fact that you can sit on your porch, sip on a green smoothie and watch a herd of goats walk in your yard and mow the lawn for you, they do have some other advantages. You see, your dreams may have been to be a fireman, an astronaut or a writer, but a goat just wants to be the best grass eater it can be. You are just giving them a chance to follow their dreams. After all, they are also quite eco-friendly and wonXCHARXt waste any fossil fuels (aside from the ride to your home). These rent-a-goat services have been around for a while in California. Google has been the pioneer in search engines and also goat lawn mowing, as they use about 200 goats to maintain their campus.Amazonas-Ziegenweide-Service

Ziege, die in der Nähe von Ihnen kommt

While we’d all love to take advantage of this strangely awesome service, it is currently only available in the areas close to the grazing provider. Makes sense, as the goats can already be too tired, to take a flight from Cali to New Jersey, with a layover in Utah. Currently Seattle, WA and California are able to order this service. All you have to do, is fill out a schnelle Form, specifying what land you have and you’ll get an estimate for the job.

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